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For many centuries Ayurveda has maintained a healthy relationship with copper. It is among the most important metals present in the ayurvedic understanding of the human constitution and ayurvedic applications involving copper include potable water storage, trace mineral supplementation, and building yantras for focused intention. Historically, Copper was the first element known to man having anti-bacterial properties. According to Ayurveda, drinking water from copper vessels in the morning on an empty stomach helps balance all three Doshas—Kapha, Vata and Pitta—which then improve metabolic process and several other health benefits.

Copper has been a part of human history for thousands of years, perhaps longer than any other metal. Historical evidence indicates that copper was the first metal to be used meaningfully by ancient people about 8,000 years ago and it was the first purified metal about 5,000 years ago.

The similarly ancient roots of Ayurveda also reach back several thousand years and as such, Ayurveda’s applications involving copper are some of the first examples of preventative natural health practices, and might be the very first example of supplementing the human diet with trace minerals.

So what are the beneficial properties of copper that have been a part of Ayurveda for so many years? Copper is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, so having 1 liter of water from copper vessel a day is enough to give you healthy lifestyle. We, at Pinnaclz Worldwide, present to you 100% pure copper metal products. Learn more about the amazing health benefits of drinking water from our copper bottle on our copper benefits page.

Simply stated, germs are quickly denatured when they contact a surface made from copper, silver, and a number of other metals. Copper’s potential for this effect is very strong and these deadly results on bacteria extend as far as the most resilient bacteria such as MRSA – drug-resistant staph. Disease-causing bacteria which now survive many of the traditional antibiotic treatments that doctors use to eliminate them are efficiently destroyed by a simple contact with a copper surface.

Ayurveda identifies copper as an important contributor to the health of our skin, hair, digestive processes, and in our body’s healing capacity. Likewise, copper is recognized by modern science as an important mineral in countless bodily functions. It is a strong anti-inflammatory which assists in recovery from injuries. It helps keep our hair and skin healthy, it helps the nervous system transmit sensory information, it is important in reducing fat storage by efficiently converting food into usable energy. The similarities between ancient and modern understanding of copper’s role in human health are indeed remarkable and just one of many examples of ayurveda’s ancient wisdom being corroborated by modern science.

Copper is a natural element that contains antibacterial benefits, therefore bacteria and other harmful substances cannot survive on copper. In a study performed on, stainless steel and copper, it was shown that copper is extremely sanitary by comparison. Thanks to the antibacterial benefits of copper, a bacterium that is found in the copper will not live any longer than one to two hours. Common diseases causing bacteria, such as E-Coli, Streptococcus, and the common flu viruses have trouble surviving on copper, which means that whatever germs your fingers bring to the sink, they won’t survive for long if your sink is made of copper. This makes the copper bottles important for your health.

There is nothing complicated about incorporating a copper drinking vessel into your life. Large copper vases are traditionally used in India to store quantities of potable water for groups or families, and then poured into smaller containers for meals and individual use. Some people use a simple copper cup or a ‘kalash”, a miniature vase.

Copper vessels have come a long way over many years. The traditional copper jug, or kalash, is still a common container for storing large amounts of potable water. Copper cups, and more recently copper mugs, have gained popularity in homes and in restaurants. Copper water bottles like https://pinnaclzworldwide.com/ – CopperVedics have adopted a more modern design and can keep water inside without leaking, making them suitable for personal drinking water containers outside the home.

Filling a copper container before sleeping and drinking the water the next morning is the most simple and straightforward way to incorporate a copper water vessel into your daily routine. The water tastes fresh and clean, not metallic, and provides a healthy supplementation of copper in your daily diet.


Pinnaclz Worldwide is renowned for taking the concept of copper utensils and artifacts to the next level with its beautiful and original designs created by professional designers and artisans. Pinnaclz Worldwide has a wide range of unconventional hand-crafted products ranging from copper bottles, copper glasses, copper mugs and copper artifacts. Our extensive collection of hand made and hammered copper products have been crafted keeping in mind both the traditional designs and the latest contemporary artwork. We have a reputation of offering superior quality products. We have just what you need to redefine the space in your home.

Pinnaclz Worlwide copper bottles, mugs and glasses are available in different styles and different surface patterns. We personally recommend copper bottles as it helps you in getting the benefits of anti-bacterial properties of copper.

We are engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail business of pure copperware.  With so much of discrepancy in the market, finding original, high-quality copper products can be a pain. But that is why we are here. Pinnaclz Worlwide started with the idea of spreading the thought of enlightening people with the benefits of copper treated water and to provide them with the best quality copperware. All our copper bottles are leak-proof and made of 16-gauge 100% pure copper.

Today our website- https://pinnaclzworldwide.com/ , boasts a variety of pure copper products ranging from pure copper jugs, copper mugs, copper glasses, copper water bottles and much more. Browse through our amazing collection of pure copperware and fall in love with our ancient Ayurveda roots yet again.

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